#politicalaccountability Feb 18, 2023

Politics was never designed. America's founders had an intent, but it went sideways immediately. They never intended for parties to form.

Why did parties form? Because Democracy doesn't work reliably unless representatives are accountable to voters. Real accountability to voters puts voters in charge. Without it, no one’s in charge, leaving the representatives to muck about on their own. So they form parties. Once the parties concentrate power, they attract corruption.

What's political accountability? Almost no one knows! It is so completely missing that we don't even realize it's missing!

PeopleCount has defined it rigorously. And functionally! And designed a system to make it not just possible, but rewarding for both politicians and voters, so it can quickly grow, using three natural allies to share it with voters.

It'll free politicians from being dependent on money, vastly lessening the power of money in elections. It'll free politicians from being dependent on the parties, vastly lessening the parties’ power. It'll make elections more competitive. It'll reward voters for learning about issues. It'll take voters out of their information bubbles. It'll powerfully reveal the hidden majorities on issues so that Congress can move forward. Plus, it'll expose wonderful new possibilities for solving societal problems, especially for political reform.

All these are possible by intentionally designing the part of the political system that creates the relationship between voters and politicians. We call it PeopleCount.

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