How We Work Together To Create Our Future Planet

#buildbridgesnotwalls #environmentalharmony #escapeyourbubble #ourtrust #reawakendemocracy #reignitehope #unity #voicesandvotes #wethepeople Feb 18, 2023
How We Work Together To Create Our Future Planet

Have you been frustrated, looking for a way America can work together to create our future? ⬇️

What do we want? The news tells us about the bills Congress passes and the ones that fail. But what do The People want? Do we want to reverse climate change? Do we want to end the worsening storms and extreme weather?

In PeopleCount, we’ve designed some new ways of communicating that will enable us to reveal the hidden majorities on political issues and discover what we all want. Plus it will allow us to hold Congress accountable for acting on them. Putting these on a political communication web platform, we’ll be able to solve problems and create our future together.

How will these ways of communicating make the platform great?

⚡️ It will allow voters to work together to say what we all want

⚡️ It will show us what we want

⚡️ It will let voters request reports on issues from politicians

⚡️ It will encourage and enable politicians to deliver reports

⚡️ It will let voters grade politician reports, giving feedback for good representation

⚡️ It will let us see a politician’s average grades so we manage them together

So many people have been looking for something that can actually make a difference! This is why we are SO passionate about our upcoming launch.

We created PeopleCount especially for voters who want to make politicians fully accountable to voters and no longer controlled by the parties or by the wealthy.

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