The Power of #Unity

#activationvibration #buildbridgesnotwalls #democraticunity #reclaimingjustice #unity #voicesandvotes Feb 18, 2023
The Power of #Unity

In 1776, the only hope the colonies had of gaining freedom from England was by working together. It took everything they had, and more, including help from the French. Even then, it was very close at times. United, they gained their freedom.

There were some major accomplishments the U.S. has made, united.

To mention a few:

 Helping win WWI and WWII

 Rebuilding Europe after WWII.

 Becoming a superpower.

 Putting a human on the moon

 Creating the digital age, computers, satellites, the internet, web and phone technologies.

Yet most of our unity did not occur because of agreement. It occurred because we’re a law-abiding country, so businesses can sell goods and services without paying heavily for corruption and crime. Some of it occurred because our government invested heavily in roads and gave oil companies tax breaks to ensure they’d grow when they started. We preserved our banks with the bail-outs in 2008.

Today, our unity is gone.

Voters are increasingly split by the two parties. Over the last 6 years, we have come to have majorities of people who think people in the “other” party are closed-minded, dishonest, immoral and unintelligent, according to Pew Research, in August, 2022.

In my view, there are three main causes of this:

1. One side thinks poorly of the other for putting up with all the disinformation and scandal.

2. There’s a lot of name-calling and demonization.

3. People don’t listen to the other side’s analysis on issues.

I believe PeopleCount will address the last two, and the first one will fade as an anomaly of the extreme dysfunction of the old system.  As voters use PeopleCount, the name-calling and demonization will fade as people interact more with issues and politicians become less dependent on the parties. People will hear the other side’s analysis on issues as they watch or read, and grade reports.

Currently, we have a system heading further away from unity. With PeopleCount, we’ll regain it steadily.

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