Fixing the Root Cause of Political Problems

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Fixing the Root Cause of Political Problems


What’s the key to fixing problems in politics? Finding the root cause of our problems. A new investigation has made a breakthrough.

Tracing the roots of the problem led back to America’s founding. Contrary to America’s design and the wishes of our founders, political parties formed.

Why? Because members of Congress couldn’t derive power from voters. That would have taken communication that they simply didn’t have. On divided issues, they had to form parties. While it wasn’t bad in the beginning, their lack of design let parties evolve into threats to democracy.

Seventy-five years later, at the end of the Civil War, Americans had forgotten why lobbying was prohibited and why free corporations were not allowed. Some states relaxed the rules. Since that time, in the absence of accountability to voters, corruption has grown and parties evolved into powerful forces dividing America and corrupting politicians.     

What is accountability?

In the absence of accountability for 230 years, we’ve forgotten what accountability means, the responsibility of politicians to be guided by voters, report on status, receive voter feedback, and act accordingly. This is the essence of the employee/manager relationship. It’s harder in politics because voters must communicate with each other in order to together be the manager.

How is accountability delivered?

PeopleCount is a web platform specifically designed to deliver accountability in a way that is secure, effective, and rewarding for both voters and politicians. With it, congressional politicians can run much more effective campaigns for a fraction of the cost of a traditional campaign, vastly reducing the power of money in politics, as well as lessening their dependence on the parties and divisiveness. This relationship of accountability will continue after the election, as well.

When PeopleCount launches, you’ll vote on Issues and see the results. The Issues will be similar to surveys, except more detailed and on more interesting topics. You’ll be able to revisit them and update your answers as you learn or as an Issue develops. Plus, you’ll be able to demand reports from your politicians, grade them, and see their average grades. They’ll report to you!

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